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Custom Stamps

  • Self Inking Stamps

    Premium quality self-inking stamps. Smooth, durable self-inking mechanism. Tested to over a million impression cycles.
  • Maxlight Stamps

    Pre-Inked Stamps that make Crystal Clear Impressions. Available in multiple mount sizes and 5 ink colors.
  • Printy Line - Self Inking Text Stamps

    The Original Trodat Printy - often copied, but never equaled! There is the right Printy for every requirement. Available in more than 15 different sizes, all with a built-in inkpad (5 different colors available).
  • Mobile Printy Line - Self Inking Text Stamps

    The Mobile Printy is the unique pocket stamp which can be operated with just one hand. The design and innovative functions make the Mobile Printy more than a useful accessory. It is perfectly designed for all applications on the move or at home. Available in several sizes, case colors and ink colors.
  • Professional Line - Self Inking Text Stamps

    Heavy duty, metal self-inking stamps. Company or address stamp, also available with company logo - a Professional Line stamp with built-in inkpad (5 different colors) in the text plate size needed is available for every requirement.
  • Ulti-Fast Line - Quick DryPre Inked Stamps

    Just Press and Print! It's that simple with Ultifast pre-inked stamps. You don't need a separate stamp pad because the ink is in the stamp. You'll get clean, crisp impressions every time you use your Ultifast pre-inked stamp. After thousands of impressions, just re-ink your stamp for thousands more.
  • PSI Line - Slim and Super Slim Stamps

    Print Quality - Excellent Ave. Impressions - Up to 15K Reinkable - Yes
  • Clothing Marker

    The stamp impression provides a unique identification after washing to avoid any confusion. So the garment always finds its way back to its owner after cleaning. 1 box has 10 units.
  • Cushion Handle Stamps

    The traditional hand stamp is the solution to any stamping application when using an ink pad. ** Mount Style May Vary **
  • Promotional Stamps

    Custom art and promotional stamps. Self-inking and cushion handle stamps available.